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5 Reasons to Clean your Roof

  • Aesthetics – keep your home beautiful and enjoy pride of ownership…
  • Roof Longevity – maximize the life & save money not replacing your roof…
  • Value – protect your investment and make more money…
  • Health – mold causes allergies, a clean roof promotes a healthy home…
  • Energy Cost – a stained roof causes higher energy bills, clean it and save money!

When we think about cleaning our houses, we always think about the interior. The exterior of the house too needs the same attention as the interior gets, mainly, the roof which plays an important part in the house. Here are some reasons as to why we need to clean our roof.

One of the many reasons is, to increase the life span of the roof. Once it is worn out and starts to break, it has to be replaced. With moss growing on the roof, the moisture causes the roof to be easily breakable thus, decreasing the lifespan of your roof. It is so much easier and cheaper to clean your roof instead of wasting more money by replacing your roof. To get your roof clean cost usually according to the square feet but there are other factors that can affect the cost too. Here are a few factors.

Apart from elongating the roof’s lifespan, you would want to have a beautiful looking roof. What is the use of having a well taken care of lawn, descent drive way, nice looking house but an ugly roof? The roof should be clean so that when people look at it, they can admire your house. The dark patches that you see on your roof are caused by fungus and algae actively growing. It feasts on the organic matter of the tiles of the roof causing it to look bad.

Therefore, we should clean it as the roof so often is not cared about.  Moreover, cleaning the roof provides a healthy environment. Dirt and content can cause allergies. If it is not clean, it could spread to other parts of the house. When a downpour happens, the spores of the algae and fungus will flow with the water down to other parts of the house causing it to spread all over. We also can save on energy cost by cleaning the roof. The energy cost increases because of the reflectivity loss causing heat collection and moisture retention.

Our process of cleaning is with low pressure and free of strong chemicals. A dirty roof is like a tumor. If not taken care of, it will spread out its filth and infect the rest of the house. A clean roof ensures a healthy environment and a good looking house Therefore, let us all clean our roofs for the betterment of our houses and for everyone.

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